Silent Keys

The 599DXA fondly remembers members who have passed on and become “silent keys.” Friends and fellow lovers of radio, we remember their contributions to the Amateur Radio Service, to their families, and to their communities.

May 2020, N5TF Terry Foskey
Jul 2019, W5NA Leon Pringle
Feb 2018, KE5QHZ Barbara Miller
May 2017, AB5YI, Jim Pourciau
May 2017, N5FG Floyd Gerald

Mar 2017, AE5JG Dan Miller, Sr.
Feb 2017, W0XV Jeff May
Nov 2016, N5ID Joe Morris, III
Sept 2016, W8FR Fred Race
Mar 2015, W4HOZ Read Stowe
Jul 2013, K5ZK Charles Bibb
Apr 2013, W5AV Keith Luke
Mar 2013, KN6TC Jim Walker