2015 Field Day


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2015 was supposed to be a "Something Different" year for the 599DXA Field Day effort. We had decided to go class 4AB, 4 HF stations all battery/solar powered and running 5W output power. K2FF/W5UE have been planning and collecting equipment since FD 2014 ended. Well, family medical issues caused me to have to back out just 2 weeks ago and the group decided to pull the plug on the whole event since I had most of the equipment. While I still couldn't be away from home, things did improve this past week so I made a last minute decision to try and single-op with one of the 4 stations we had planned to field. The following slides tell this story. In this photo I am assembling the Tennadyne T6 LPDA early Saturday morning. This would be my antenna for 10-15-20m.

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